I think it was year 2016 when I became a YF student when I was in grade 9. My father was a scavenger and he would go to the supermarket to collect their garbage and he would sort through all the trash that can be sold. He does this from 6 in the evening to the morning. Sometimes he would bring my mother or me with my siblings. I admit that I would not join at times because I am afraid of the worms in rotting items. One time, my mother heard of the sponsorship in Young Focus and I did not expect that I would be accepted. I was overjoyed when I became a YF student. We got new school bags every year complete with uniforms and shoes. Aside from these, they helped me improve myself and meet new friends. Young Focus gave me the confidence I needed whenever we learned and enjoyed the tutorials and activities. I learned to lead and little by little I grew emotionally and they became a place of comfort for me.

Almost every moment is memorable for me and one of my favorites is when I joined the Student Council and became a leader. I was the captain of the ‘Move It’ club; a dance club for students. I remember our dance concert, Unity in Diversity. It was successful and it was a joyful moment for us. The student leaders’ camps gave me challenges and bond with other leaders. The Young Focus Mountain Movers camp is a core memory for me. We also had a fashion show with recyclables called Trashion where I was a model for our team and won. I had many more memorable moments in tutorials and life skills sessions and the bowling game visitors. I’m happy to visit kuya Paul and ate Ann’s home too, such a peaceful place.

I’m glad that I have work now at one of my dream jobs: becoming a Student Coordinator in Young Focus; teaching students and seeing their happy faces while learning. My plan now that I have finished my college education is to pursue all my dreams like now I achieve teaching kids. Explore my skills and learn new things.  I want to improve my skills in Photography, and editing, and make my own film. To build my own all-around studio. I will continue to learn and improve in my teaching career for now and someday I want to be an actor or DJ on the radio.

For all the staff of Young Focus especially Ram, R.A, Cindy, and especially for Paul & Ann thanks a lot for being part of my life and for always motivating me when I’m down. You are the reason I have continued fighting. To my sponsor, thank you and I hope to meet you personally someday and bond with you.