Ar-Ey, our College Coordinator, reports: “This month, several workshops from the Career Development Program were held for every grade level in Young Focus, culminating in one big event – “Balangkas: My Future Career Exploration”. We had amazing booths courtesy of our very own college students, sharing their knowledge with their younger co-learners. The career fields and courses prepared by over 70 college students were: Socio-Political, Psychology, Health and Medicine, Education, STEAM [Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics], Hospitality Industry, Business Management, Criminology, and Computer Technology.
Romy, one of the college students shared, ‘As someone who used to be confused with which path to choose, I understand the importance of information and guidance to make better decisions. I’m happy that I was able to impart knowledge to the next generation of Young Focus students in learning more about and exploring their chosen course and career.’
About 200 students participated including our junior high, senior high, and Alternative Learning Systems students. Students from Bulacan and Cavite came to join too! Tristan from Cavite shared, ‘I truly learned a lot from this event and I am amazed by our ate and kuya [older ‘brothers and sisters’] in college. I took an interest in Criminology and realized the importance of education and integrity to become a good law enforcer.’
The Career Development Program and the whole Student Education Program collaborated for this and it was indeed a big success for everyone. The students are already excited about the next year.